Fall Trends of 2019


Alright girls, my personal FAVORITE season is coming up – fall! It may be a couple months away but my life motto is that it’s never too early to start stocking up on sweaters and booties. Hot chocolate, big sweaters, suede booties, it’s all so glorious and it can’t get here fast enough! I know some of y’all are summer fanatics and hate to see the warm weather go, but after reading through some of these trends you’ll get to try this year, your heart may be just a liiiiittle less heavy.

1. Snakeskin

One trend that’s really coming into style (and I’m SO happy about it) is snakeskin! Specifically just snakeskin accessories, you don’t need to step out looking like a boa constrictor from head to toe. Just maybe some snakeskin loafers (my personal fav), a snakeskin belt or a snake print bag. I always go with faux snakeskin because A) no matter how much I hate snakes, I do not condone killing any animal for a trend and B) hello?? SO much cheaper! Snakeskin brings such a boss babe look, like you mean business and you didn’t come to play around. It’s so high fashion (you can catch Rihanna rocking some snake print, yes ma’am!) and it’s so simple to add to your everyday outfits you love.

2. Belt Buckles

Okay, so this one’s not exactly new, but it’s soooo good! Belt buckles can take your outfit from drab to fab in no time, and they go with almost anything! Skirts, jeans, dresses, just about anything in your closet can be chic’d up with the perfect belt + buckle combo. The most common one we’re seeing is the iconic Gucci belt buckle, but we know you want some more budget-friendly options (’cause who has a Gucci budget?!). Plain black belts are super easy to style. You can throw on everything from silver to gold or whatever kind of buckle your heart desires and it always looks so cute!

3. Hats

Bad hair day? No problem – hats are SUPER in style this season! I’m not a huge hat girl myself, other than the baseball cap for when I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days (don’t act like you haven’t been there). When added with booties and scarves and fall accessories, wide brim hats are suchhhh a cute touch onto a fall outfit! Add some loose beach waves to your hair and tousle it a little bit and just pop your hat right on top and BAM – you look like you know what you’re doing in life. How great is that?

4. Button Up Skirts

Again, not typically my thing, but Autumn inspires new things within me. And anyway, when it’s this cute it’s super hard to just say no. Button up skirts are soooo cute in the fall because they pair so well with anything from thigh high boots to sneakers or really whatever you’re into. They look AMAZING with baggy sweaters (which are perfect for fall anyway) and you can even slap on a graphic tee and somehow still just look great. Corduroy skirts are especially cute just because the fabric is more of a fall thing and it adds some texture and character to your look!

So what are some of your favorite fall trends? Sound off below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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