Tattoo Inspiration


In our ever-changing world, new trends are popping up everyday – and my most favorite recent trend is tattoos! Though they’ve been seen as taboo in the past, I love tattoos. They’re such a cute way to express yourself, whether you have them for a sentimental reason or simply because you think they’re cute. Personally I have three and I love them ALL, they each have a special meaning for me and they just make me feel like my body has some decor, if you will.

Rose Tattoos

This is my personal FAVORITE! My middle name is Rose after my great-grandmother, so of course I have a rose. Let’s be honest though, even if I had no tie to a rose I would still get the tattoo because they’re just so freakin’ cute! I love little small accent rose tattoos, especially when they look super feminine and delicate. I think they’re perfect to place discreetly behind your ear or on your ribs (if you’re brave enough for that pain!).

Quote Tattoos

These are more of a classic these days, with both girls and guys! Quotes are a great way to express yourself and I feel like always having your favorite quote, bible verse or mantra with you 24/7 is just super comforting. Quotes are so cute to have lining your collar bone, going down your spine (my fave!), or literally anywhere on your body because they just fit so well!

Finger Tattoos

Okay, so, finger tattoos are one I haven’t personally gotten yet, but I really want to!! I mean, how cute are these? I’d say finger tattoos are a better option for the minimalist because they’re so small. They’re also super cute if you want to get matching tattoos with someone, like the sun & moon ones below! I’ve always said I wanted to get my husband’s initials on my ring finger once I get married because I think it’s so tiny and cute and sentimental and it’ll always be there even if your ring isn’t on. But I also love the little mandala designs!

These are just a few of the styles I love, but how about you?! I’d love to read about your favorites and see some of y’all’s own tattoos! I always think it’s so much fun to see what a person loves enough to tattoo on themselves and hear the backstory, so sound off below and let me know about your tattoos! Don’t have any? No problem – let me know which ones you want one day!