The Flare Denim Comeback!


You remember that one picture in your mom’s photo album of her wearing her favorite flare jeans, and you questioned her fashion sense? Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s time we all apologize to our moms (myself included) because flare denim is making a serious comeback! We’ve done our research and we’re here to tell you, mom may always be right after all!

The era of skin tight jeggings may have to scoot over and make some room for their wide legged sister. Within the past year or so you’ve probably seen your favorite celebrities and influencers getting in touch with their retro side and rocking some flares! Now don’t get wrong – you’ll definitely still catch me out and about rocking some destroyed jeggings because let’s face it, those are my roots! But a girl has to be open to new things, right? I won’t lie – I was a little hesitant about seeing flares come back at first since skinny jeans have been “the thing” ever since I was young and it’s just what I’ve always worn and been comfortable in. When I saw Kate Hudson (ULTIMATE girl crush btw!!) wearing some high waisted retro flares, I was kinda like… okay… maybe y’all are onto something – LOL! In the picture of Kate included, she paired her high waisted flares with a loose sweater, which gives off a really chill and laid back vibe with juuuust a touch of retro. I love the way she wore them because it’s not something I would immediately think to do, my first thought would be a graphic tee and then I’d be lost. That’s why it’s so so great to be able to see how other style their looks!

The best part about the flare denim trend is all the style options you can come up with! Personally I migrate towards a rocker girl style myself – I absolutely loooove oversized graphic tees and the whole distressed look! Pairing a pair of chunky (I love to do leopard!) booties with your flares gives you a little bit of height and also feathers your leg shape! I also love a relaxed look, so if you can get by with wearing your flares or boot cut jeans with some sandals, I say go for it! I think flares look super cute with some flip flops or sandals and a loose sweater or tee shirt. I also love to top off the look with some oversized aviators and it just completes the look for me.

For a more retro or put-together vibe, you can put a pair of darker wash denim (I feel like it’s a classier vibe!) with a tighter fitting top, like a bodysuit or some type of blouse. I love to do darker flares with a dark top – usually a black one because it’s the epitome of class – and I add on some simple gold jewelry. Nothing too crazy, just maybe a long necklace paired with a pair of hoops and a bracelet or two! It makes for the ideal modern everyday girl style with a touch of retro!

Bottom line – we’re SO excited for this trend to be coming back!! Have I left my skinny jean love back in 2019? Maybe not completely, but I’m definitely enjoying this trend and crossing my fingers it sticks around for a while! Mixing up your outfits and style preferences is such a great way to get out of your comfort zone, and what better way to start the year off than with a little flare fun?! Grab a pair and explore the options to find your best and truest style!

  1. Love your style and absolutely adore Emmer fashion !!! My favorite boutique by far..

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