I Wish Someone Told Me…


You know the saying “If I had known then what I know now…?” How freakin’ true is that?! I can think of about a million things I would love to go back and tell myself or things that I wish *anybody* would’ve told me. Things that would’ve saved me a lot of confusion, things that would’ve saved me a lot of tears and a few things that would’ve saved me an emergency room trip or two. I’ve compiled a list (100% in my head, of course) of a few things I’d like to tell my younger self and some things I’ll DEFINITELY be passing onto my daughter!

I wish someone told me… just eat the cake?? Or the candy bar or the fries or whatever the heck you want!! I feel like, especially in today’s society with all of the supermodels and FaceTune, we spend soooo so so much time focusing on having that perfect body or feeling that the slightest little belly bump is blasphemous. I know I personally spent all of my “skinny years” already thinking I didn’t look how I should and I watched the holy heck out of my figure and what I ate. And now, with my ever-slowing metabolism, I look back and always think “GIRL – those are the years you should’ve just ate whatever you wanted and not cared?! What were you thinking?!” Anyway, even though my skinny years are over, I still feel like it’s acceptable to indulge. Sometimes I find myself not even wanting to get a smoothie or a coffee with extra syrup because I don’t want to gain a pound. How stupid is that?! Long story short, just eat the damn cake.

I wish someone told me… YOU. CAN’T. FIX. HIM!!! Ahhhhhh! I know we’ve alllll been there! I feel like so many of my favorite years were wasted on the wrong person and me trying to do the wrong things. I see sooo many younger girls putting up with stupid things just for the idea of love and it absolutely breaks my heart because I remember being that girl, as I’m sure we all do! Bottom line is as much as you love someone (or think you love them), you can’t fix them – and even if you could, it’s not your place! I wish I could tell my younger self to wipe the tears, dump the boy and go enjoy my life with my friends.

I wish someone told me… Okay… I’m still struggling with this one and I’ll deny it if she ever asks me but – I wish someone told me maybe mom is always right. I’m still fairly young and I do still have a lot of note taking to do from my mama but I’ve got to hand it to the woman, there’s not much she’s wrong about. There’s been so many times and situations I look back on and remember the advice my mom gave me and how much smoother things would’ve gone if I had just listened to her and not been so stubborn (in all fairness I did inherit that stubbornness from her. Go figure!). If any mamas out there are dealing with a teenage daughter or even a son who just will not listen to you, rest assured the time will come when it hits them that maybe you do know what you’re talking about it. They won’t dare admit it but trust me, it’s coming!!

And lastly, I wish someone told me… having a big heart is a BEAUTIFUL thing, but it’s also a dangerous thing. I always knew I cared a lot about everything and everyone but it just never occurred to me how much trouble that could get me in. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve poured my heart out for someone or done or said too much that just made it sooo easy for them to come back and use it against me. Don’t get me wrong – I love my empathic side and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I just wish someone would’ve told me from day one that I would need an extra strong guard on it, and to expect people to do heartless things that I would never do myself. For all of my girlies and guys who have HUGE bleeding hearts: hold onto that!!! Real, raw love is so rare today and I say if you’re able to have it, do not *ever* stop. Just be super careful and keep yourself protected from those who don’t share your values.

There’s a thousand more things that pop into my head but let’s be honest – theres’ not enough time in the day to go through it all! If you’re young and reading this I hope you soak it all in. If you’re one of our wise girls – what’s something you wish you’d been told or you wish you could tell yourself 10 years ago? Or 20 years ago? Sound off below!!

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