Lazy Summer Days: Comfortable Stylish Clothes You’ll Love


Comfortable, stylish clothes are a must, especially if you’re curating a timeless wardrobe full of clothing that feels good and makes you look terrific, too. Discover a wealth of laid-back styles and relaxed looks in our stock. Stand out as someone who’s carelessly cool and effortlessly elegant. Become an #emmergirl when you dress in comfortable outfits from Emmer. We’re all set to get you started with a sensational selection of ensembles that can take you from bright sunny mornings to quiet evenings on the porch!

Maxi-Mum Comfort

Polynesia Maxi Skirt from Emmer

It’s impossible to discuss comfortable, stylish clothes without bringing maxi skirts into the mix. Long skirts are the height of comfort. They combine fashion and function because they’re chic yet practical for nearly any purpose. You can throw on a maxi skirt and a tee shirt to run errands, but with a tank top and some on-point accessories, you have the perfect outfit for a more formal outing.

Anything with Waffle Knit

Champagne Dreams waffle knit sweater

What is it about waffle knit that’s so cozy? It’s a versatile design, as well. It works for both warm thermals and lightweight sweaters. To put together the most comfortable outfits, pair breezy waffle knit tops with a bevy of bottoms. An oversize blouse with overalls is full of ’90s appeal, or you can wear your shirt with cute denim shorts.

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Addison denim shorts from Emmer

Speaking of denim shorts, they have a well-deserved spot in any wardrobe that prizes comfort. Sometimes, shorts are exactly what you want to wear. They’re the last word in casual, particularly when worn with the right tops. Tee shirts and tank tops are made for denim shorts, but you can’t sleep on those oversize sweaters, either. There’s something to be said about short shorts and crop tops, too.

One Perfect Dress

Dais Dress from Emmer

Comfortable, stylish clothes aren’t limited to shirts and jeans. At Emmer, you can find an endless array of comfy dresses with a relaxed charm. To capture true boho flair, consider eye-popping floral patterns or understated earth tones. Vivid hues work, too, as long as the design and silhouette are sweetly laid-back.

Maxi dresses are a hallmark of the trend. However, shorter dresses are on the right track, as well. A baby doll dress is a to-die-for option that encapsulates ’90s nostalgia. Off-shoulder mini dresses bring a peasant girl vibe that’s still stylish.

A Hoodie that You Can Live In

Guava Mojito ombre hoodie from Emmer

Are you even wearing a comfortable outfit if it doesn’t include a hoodie? Okay, yes, but a hoodie never hurts. Nothing will make you feel cozier than a hoodie. It’s the ideal all-weather, four-season piece. Seriously, you can wear a hoodie in fall or spring, no problem. On cool summer nights, a hoodie is practically a given. Properly layered with a long sleeve top and a sensational scarf, you can wear a hoodie on warmer winter days, too. Can you think of a more perfect item of clothing?

Crochet All Day

Mai Tai crochet tank top

Crocheted items make for some of the most comfortable, stylish clothes you’ll ever wear. Crochet has a groovy ’60s appeal that will have you feeling like a flower child each time you dress up and face the day. Combine a crochet top with your favorite maxi skirt or a pair of wide-leg flares. Knitted skirts and dresses will grab attention from all sides. When someone asks where you get your clothes, you can just say that you’re an #emmergirl.

One-Piece Wonders

Catalina Island striped cotton jumpsuit

We love comfortable outfits that consist of just one piece. Nope, we’re not talking about dresses again. On the contrary, jumpsuit is the word of the day.

One-and-done ensembles are convenient and comfy. Crisp stripes are on-point for nearly anything, but especially for enjoying the summer months with ease. Although comfortable, you can still wear a striped jumpsuit for more important occasions. If you’re in the mood for something funkier, think about cool camo.

Show off your #emmergirl aesthetic in comfortable, stylish clothes from Emmer, where you can get 30% off your first purchase with us.

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