Summer Date Night Ideas


Alright ladies, now that quarantine is FINALLY coming to an end (can I get an amen?!), it’s time to start planning some dates! I’m a girl that loves fun and easy dates, just simple things that you both can enjoy. Especially if your relationship is still new and fresh, it’s super important to have some dates where there’s no pressure and everyone can just have fun and be themselves. Don’t get me wrong – I love to be wined and dined as much as the next girl, but I love to mix it up and keep things light and maybe throw in a date with a little competition. Below are some of my all-time faves as well as some ones I’m definitely forcing my boyfriend to participate in at some point – LOL! Keep on reading to get some great ideas for your summer romance plans!


Like I said, I LOVE some healthy competition! I’m so awkward and uncomfortable on first dates, so it’s super important that I do something casual. When I first met my boyfriend, his idea for our first date was bowling and I was so thankful. I love bowling and it’s a super easy way to get to know someone and just be silly. It turned out to be an awesome first date and I was super comfortable to just talk in a normal setting, not in some romantic situation. And of course, I won the game! ….okay maybe I didn’t, but that’s our secret.

Zoo Day

One of my FAVORITES! Here in Asheboro, we’re lucky enough to be about five minutes away from the NC Zoo, which is so so SO much fun! If you’re within a couple hours’ driving distance, I definitely recommend the trip. The zoo is another light and fun way to spend the day with someone without a whole lot of romance. Plus, it’s a great photo op and offers delicious snacks, if I do say so myself. It’s a 5-mile walk if you choose to do the entire zoo (which starts in North America and goes all the way through Africa), so it’s an all day trip with the potential for loads of quality time! And you get to see baby otters… who says no to that?

Baseball Game

Taaaaaake me out to the balllllll gameeeee, taaaaaake me out to the crooooowd! Baseball game dates are SO much fun! This has just a little more wiggle room for some cutesy romance stuff – especially if they do fireworks! Perfect time for a cute little kiss, am I right? You can snuggle up with your honey with slushies and popcorn (definitely the best part) and it’s still very lighthearted. Me and my boyfriend are both huge baseball fans, so we catch a minor league game whenever we can! I usually spend the whole time going back and forth from our seats to the pretzel stand, but thankfully he doesn’t mind. If your guy or girl is into sports, this is a great way to get into their world and show them you appreciate their interests!

Painting Class

Okay so, I could probably never get my man to do a painting class, but if you can then GO FOR IT! Painting is so much fun and it’s so cute to see how artistic your boo is… or isn’t, in some cases, which is even cuter! A lot of painting classes allow you to sip some wine while you paint and it’s a great way to bond. Plus, you can keep your paintings for years and years and always look back and remember your little painting date! Add a little romance by going out for a cute dinner afterwards.

Picnic in the Park

This one’s a CLASSIC! Picnics can definitely be a more romantic and private date if you choose to do so. For more romance, go around sunset and find a secluded spot. Pack up some wine and your favorite foods and enjoy the scenery as well as each other’s company. If you’re looking for a more lighthearted root, my go-to is always to go around lunch instead, and find a more populated area. We’re pizza fiends, so we usually grab 2 large meat lovers pizzas on the way and stuff our faces while we people-watch (I KNOW you do it, too!). Either way, it’s a super cute and intimate date!

There’s so so so many more options for what you and your sweetheart can do over the summer! After being cooped up for a couple months, literally anything out of the house will be a treat. Switch things up to add or take away some romance in the situation – whatever feels right for you! The important thing is to have fun and bond with your guy/gal and enjoy yourselves!

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