sleeveless striped cardigan sweater

Essentials to Add To Your Cute Fourth of July Outfit


Want to elevate your cute Fourth of July outfits? There are all sorts of stylish ways to do that. For example, you can pick out jewelry that features patriotic colors, such as an arm party of bangles and enamel bracelets in red, white, and blue. Bandannas, scarves, and hats have the same appeal. In addition to shopping for on-point accessories, you can also choose apparel items in the holiday’s signature colors. Emmer has some great ideas for Independence Day outfits, so keep reading to find the inspiration you crave.

Almost Red, White, and Blue

You don’t have to follow protocol with your cute Fourth of July outfits. Red, white, and blue represent the color choices of the big day, but you can get a little clever with your looks. Keep an eye out for variations on the color palette. For example, why not top off your ensemble with a brightly striped cardigan with shades of baby blue, oatmeal, and radiant orange? Choose colors that resemble red, white, and blue from a distance. You can be patriotic and on-point at the same time.

Jaunty Shorts

a pair of lightweight blue shorts

Vibrant, jaunty shorts are perfect for your Independence Day outfits. Specifically, check out shorts in the shades of the Fourth. Bright red shorts are sure to draw attention at your holiday parties and picnics. You can wear them with a white top and blue accessories. That goes for bright blue shorts, as well. They’re well-suited for the summer, and as a bonus, you can wear them for the entire season. Another option is to pick out lightweight white shorts. That way, you have the freedom to select a shirt in red or blue—or both!

Sweet Stripes

a short striped summer dress

When you’re celebrating the stars and stripes, you can’t go wrong with striped ensembles. Once again, get creative as you put together your cute Fourth of July outfits. Stick with a color palette that’s adjacent to red, white, and blue. Subtle stripes on a white or oatmeal-colored background should do the trick. Look for a cool summer dress that you can comfortably wear while you watch the fireworks. A striped top and solid shorts will serve you well, too.

A Ravishing Red(dish) Top

a ruffled coral blouse

Sometimes, all it takes is an eye-popping top to get your point across. Your hot Independence Day outfit can consist of nothing more than a red—or reddish—top and your favorite pair of blue jean shorts. Add some pristine white sneakers, and you’ve got the red, white, and blue look down pat. You can keep it simple with a camisole or a tank top, or you can select a blouse that’s sure to draw attention. For flawless #emmergirl style, we recommend the latter approach. Celebrate the day with a knockout blouse—perhaps something with ruffled sleeves or an irresistible texture.

Maxi-mum Patriotism

a blue and white maxi dress

Again, you don’t have to wear red, white, and blue to rock a cute Fourth of July outfit. Pick a combination of the two colors that are flattering to you. How about blue and white? A standout maxi dress that incorporates the two colors will keep you looking and feeling fresh during the festivities. You can be more fabulous than all the fireworks lighting up the sky! If you want to introduce some Bohemian concepts into your seasonal outfit, think about going with a tie-dye print. Everyone loves tie-dye, so it will definitely make a splash on the Fourth!

Did you find inspiration for a cute Fourth of July outfit? We sure hope so! Independence Day is an exciting, fun-loving holiday. We’re here to help you put your best foot forward. Pick out the pieces you love today. With our quick same-day shipping, you’ll be able to try on your Independence Day ensemble in no time!

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