5 Ways to Warm Up Your Boho Wardrobe For Cooler Weather


With a selection of boho fall outfits, you’re all set to become the queen of autumn fashion. Seasonal clothing for fall is comfy and cozy, but it can be elegant and sophisticated, as well. It all comes down to what you choose. Emmer has a can’t-miss collection of comfy sweaters, gorgeous skirts, and fierce footwear. Let us help you to get kitted out for fall.

Stock Up on Cardigans & Sweaters

Cardigans and pullover sweaters are just what you need for your boho fall outfits. Cardigans are ideal for fall no matter what your style because they layer beautifully with all of your warm-weather tops from spring and summer. Wearing a cardigan over your bodysuits, camisoles, and tee shirts gives your lighter pieces a longer shelf-life. Rather than storing away your summertime favorites, you can repurpose them for fall.

It almost goes without saying that pullover sweaters are cozy fall favorites. There’s nothing like wrapping up in a sweater when the weather gets a bit nippy. Because sweaters also lend themselves well to the boho chic trend, you have the opportunity to evoke the same casual, effortless style that you show off in warmer weather. Shop for muted colors and crocheted pieces to keep up with your laid-back aesthetic.

Layer Your Favorite Skirts

a white maxi skirt

Don’t hang up your favorite skirts just yet. The maxis, midis, and minis you wore all through spring and summer can easily carry you through the fall, too. You just have to employ a bit of inventive style savvy to make them work in warmer weather. Buy up a few pairs of tights. Even thin leggings will do. You can wear your hosiery beneath your skirts on chilly days, except now you won’t get cold. While you’re at it, treat yourself to some fall-friendly footwear, such as ankle boots and knee-highs. Top off your skirts with comfy sweaters and cardigans. No one will look sharper than you.

Bring Out the Hoodies

a knitted camo hoodie

A hoodie is the quintessential fall piece. There’s nothing warmer, cozier, or more stylish. During the beginning of the season, it’s usually a bit too warm for a full-fledged jacket, at least in the daytime. An assortment of hoodies can protect you from the chill. They can also add a funky yet laid-back edge to any ensemble, allowing you to create a bevy of boho fall outfits. Choose a few plain, neutral hoodies, but splurge on a couple of eye-catching statement-makers, as well. Often, your hoodie can become the central part of your outfit.

Pick Out Statement Jackets

a black denim jacket

Sometimes, you need something more than your comfy sweaters and hoodies, especially later in the season. Prepare for cooler temperatures by selecting a sensational jacket or two. Feel free to choose fashion coats that are still functional. That way, you can remain warm while making a splash.

Update Your Shoe Collection

Back to the subject of shoes, you need a collection to finish off your boho fall outfits. From muted mules to ankle boots in warm colors, it’s a good idea to stock up on seasonal footwear. Be smart when you shop, too. Many of the shoes you wear for fall can easily carry over into winter, especially your boots.
Discover everything you need to create stunning boho fall outfits this season. Browse through everything that Emmer has to offer and put together an enviable fall wardrobe.

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