A Perfect Dress For Every Outdoor Activity


Cute boho dresses are on-point for almost any occasion, including outdoor activities. Browse through our collection of breezy boho pieces. If a Bohemian chic maxi dress isn’t quite what you’re looking for, then think about a boho-friendly jumpsuit instead. You’ll find the fashions you crave at Emmer.

Lace and Layers

tiered lace maxi dress

Do you want a cute boho dress that makes a splash on a casual date night or an evening out? The key is to keep it simple yet chic, something that’s right within Emmer’s wheelhouse. Spending the evening strolling along the boardwalk with your beau or listening to a concert in the park requires something pretty, lightweight, and uncomplicated. We recommend a midi dress that won’t encumber your movements. Think about a tasteful tiered dress with an asymmetrical hemline and an eye-catching pattern in neutral hues. That’s the way to do it up right in the boho style.

A Jumpsuit for the Beach

white and turquoise jumpsuit

Okay, you caught us. Jumpsuits aren’t dresses. However, they’re the perfect alternative to Bohemian chic maxi dresses, especially if you want to wear something different that still captures the attitude and the mood of a maxi. Consider a long-legged jumpsuit in a bright, summery color. It doesn’t matter whether you wear it in spring or fall. With the right color palette, you’ll still give off breezy summer vibes that will put people in mind of a stunning California day. Pick out something that accentuates your waist. It will help your legs to appear five miles long.

Something Out of a Dream

light yellow maxi dress

Maxi dresses have a tendency to look dreamy and ethereal. There’s something about a long skirt that brushes your ankles and blows in the breeze. They bring the drama without being dramatic. A cute boho dress that flows is ideal for a garden party, a picnic with your best girlfriends, or a similar outdoor activity. Look for dresses in light colors, such as cream, white, and warm yellow. Eyelet lace details definitely won’t hurt. Choose a dress that you’ll wear while you’re having fun outdoors, but also to a variety of other events, be it a date night or a trip to the farmers’ market.

Short and Sassy

a pink tiered mini dress

Bohemian chic maxi dresses and midi dresses have their place in your closet, as well as your social calendar. They lend themselves well to an array of activities that take place outside. Sometimes, however, you need something on the short side.
A short, frothy mini dress packs in tons of sass. It makes an unbeatable date night dress, even for outdoor dates. You can play a round of putt-putt, dance beneath the stars, or stroll along the crowded streets of your favorite tourist town.
Select a dress with eye-catching elements, such as a belted waist or a tiered skirt. Popping prints will take you far, as well. You’ll draw admiring looks and compliments the entire night. You should also pick out a flattering color. We have to admit a fondness for a rosy shade of pink.

Back to Black

a sleek black jumpsuit

A little black dress is the perfect pick almost anytime, but what happens if you want a little more freedom? When that happens, you simply trade your cute boho dress for an equally cute boho jumpsuit. A black jumpsuit is sleek and sophisticated, but you can still enjoy your day—or your night—with full confidence that you look like a million bucks.

Discover cute boho dresses and more to rock your outdoor activities.

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