Sunset Glow: Shades of Red and Gold You Need For Autumn


Consider fall colors for your clothes this season. Splurge on a few key pieces to update your wardrobe for autumn. Red and gold are both stand-outs at the moment, giving you the chance to add dazzling items to your closet. Emmer has something for everyone, whether you favor bold hues or understated shades. Here’s the opportunity to reinvent yourself for fall. All you need are some signature hoodies and colorful boho dresses that celebrate the season.

Basics in Yellow

soft yellow tee shirt

Yellow and gold are two can’t-miss fall colors for clothes. Take the opportunity to stock up on basics and classic pieces in these warm but vibrant shades. A golden hued tee shirt, for example, will carry you through autumn from beginning to end. Tee shirts in fall neutrals will go with anything, from paper bag waist pants and maxi skirts to jeans and crops. You can layer them beneath blazers and cardigans, as well, which makes them perfect for casual office settings.

Maxis with an Edge

a striped red maxi dress

Colorful boho dresses have their place in the fall spotlight. They might be a favorite in spring and summer, but autumn embraces the boho staple, too. The key is to shop for maxis in colors that fit with the season. Instead of soft pastels and floral patterns, opt for muted colors that nevertheless pop. Understated patterns are de rigueur, as well. Red, gold, orange, and yellow all have a place in your color palette. Plaids are too heavy a print for such a breezy style, but stripes are perfectly on-point.

Autumn Hues with a Twist

a casual tee shirt

Although gold and red are all the rage for autumn, you can give a twist to the hottest fall colors for clothes. All it takes are your imagination and some fundamental knowledge about color palettes. For example, if bright or dark red isn’t your color, then you can look for paler shades. We’re not saying that you have to wear pink, which is more of a spring and summer shade, but a subdued red might be flattering. The same goes with gold. Keep an eye out for pale shades to fit in with the fall.

Hoodies for Fall

gold and white pullover hoodie

This season, think beyond the usual. Hoodies are among the most popular clothing items for fall because they’re both cozy and fashionable, not to mention that they go with colorful boho dresses as easily as they match with jeans, trousers, and skirts. Instead of the usual zip-ups and pullovers, keep your eyes peeled for edgy hoodies that are outside the norm. To stick with a breezy, casual vibe, shop for crocheted items with autumnal color palettes.

Fall-Friendly Footwear

a pair of light red mules

To go with all of your new fall colored clothes, you need some matching footwear. Because fall is a transitional season, you can get away with wearing all sorts of shoes, ranging from mules and slip-ons to boots and sneakers. This year, keep up with the latest color trends all the way down to your feet. Colorful shoes can make the rest of your outfit pop. They also create the appearance of cool confidence because they’re meant to be attention-grabbing. Consider creating a monochromatic ensemble featuring fall colors, or opt for statement-making footwear that enhances the rest of your clothing.

Explore the most popular fall colors for clothes and give your wardrobe a makeover. Shop at Emmer for maxi skirts, cardigans, hoodies, and more.

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