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Instagram Fashion Heaven: Our Guide to Snapping Gorgeous Lifestyle Shots in Nature

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Instagram looking a little shabby? Photo skills not quite turning out the way you’d wish? Don’t despair! There are some very basic tips to keep in mind to elevate your phone snaps into stylish boho images. 

1. Learn essential terminology

You can’t take Instagram fashion photos if you don’t know what the buttons on your camera mean! Just understanding what basic terms are and how they affect your camera’s properties does wonders for your boho image skills.

Here are some essential terms to get you started:

  • Exposure: How light or dark an image is. This is affected by three factors: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.
  • ISO: ISO is basically light sensitivity. Higher ISOs are good for low light, while lowers ISOs are good for bright light settings like broad daylight. If your image is grainy and lacks detail, your ISO might be too high.
  • Aperture: The size of the lens opening. The wider the aperture, the more light will be let in and vice versa. Aperture also affects how sharp and focused an image is.
  • Shutter Speed: The shutter is what opens the camera to let light in when you take a picture, measured in fractions of a second (e.g. 1/200 s). If the shutter is open longer (the number is larger) you will let more light in and your picture will be brighter. Overlarge shutter speeds may cause images to appear blurry.
  • White Balance: In different images, different colors appear to be true white. If your image appears too blue or sepia toned, for example, you can adjust the white balance to better reflect real lighting.

2. Add a human element for scale

Sometimes, when you take a photo of a broad, distant landscape, the image falls fantastically short of what it looked like in person. This is often due to the fact that a viewer can’t get an accurate sense of scale for landscape images without a size reference.

For instance, if you take a picture of white, rocky peaks atop a mountain that seem impossibly large, they might simply seem like rocks in a photo. Add a human to the image, and viewers can suddenly grasp the incredible dimensions of the location you were photographing. See the example below:

half dome
Hmm… that’s nice.
man atop half dome
Whoa! That’s amazing!

This size reference does not have to be human! You might be familiar with the “banana for scale” phenomena on the internet, where people post images of unique items next to a banana. A banana is a relatively standard-sized object whose size everyone is familiar with. 

For your own boho images, you could add a recognizable item like a lantern, an accessory, or a pair of shoes. This way, you can incorporate Instagram fashion into everything, even a stunning natural landscape!

3. Keep the lighting consistent

Unless you’re a professional photographer with a mastery over the art and science of light, the average Instagram fashion guru should keep lighting consistent as a general rule.

An overabundance of shadows confuses the eye. Shadows create contrast and drama, but when done improperly, the shadows will create borders around areas that aren’t the focal point. A basic rule to remember is this: light areas draw the eye, dark areas draw your eye away.

Think of the area of your boho image you’d like to focus in on, and make sure the lighting is consistent across it. If you’re shooting a landscape, it’s best to have even lighting when the sun is just over the horizon.That’s why the golden time for outdoor photography is right after sunrise or right before sunset: the sun is casting even light but isn’t at an angle to create shadows.

Professional photographers use shadow to highlight textures and draw attention to the image’s focal point. If you’re just getting started, you should start small and shoot for the most even lighting possible.

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