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Mini Music Festivals: 3 Ways to Celebrate Your Love of Festivals in Your Own Backyard


Festivals might be canceled this year, but nothing’s stopping you from hosting a music festival in your own backyard! Here are some tips for a fun backyard music festival, brought to you by the style gurus at Emmer & Oat.

1. Dress Up Wild, Coachella Style

The most iconic part about Coachella is rarely the actual performances—it’s usually the outlandish getups you see across social media. Dress up for your own occasion and have a blast with it!

Here’s some style inspiration to get you started:

Wear a variety of edgy, bohemian prints. Music festivals are known for being free-spirited and fun-loving. The Woodstock era went hand in hand with an earth-loving attitude, and natural prints are forever in style for festivals now. Try a super cute Leopard Print Jumpsuit or these chic camo Outta Your League pants for a cute spin on the festival look that’s oh-so Instagrammable.

Think loose and flowy. Feel easy, breezy, and free-flowing with a sweater that drapes over your shoulders, a slouchy cardigan that blows in the wind, or a casual maxi dress.

Wear cute shoes. For a music festival where you’re dancing on your feet for entire days, you need something pretty ergonomic. But in your backyard, you can wear whatever you want! Start with our edgy Boa Mules—casual, cute, and true to fit.

Accessorize! Coachella-style music festival clothes are all about accessorizing far more than you might in everyday life. For jewelry, style your boho festival outfits with our delicate crystal Celestial Dreams Necklace or our statement brass Moonbeam Necklace. You can’t forget about the hippie headgear, either: wear a chic Wildflower Twist Headband or a jeweled or floral circlet for the complete Coachella look.

2. Set Up Concert Live Streams On a Projector

Did you know there are tons of full-length live concerts on YouTube for free? Set up a big enough projector and you have yourself a backyard concert!

Some YouTube music festival live stream ideas to get you started:

If you and your guests feel more mellow and just want to chill, you can switch a concert livestream to Netflix. Binge watch a show into the wee hours while you’re cozying up on a picnic blanket or lawn furniture.

 girl in green boho festival outfit dancing outside to music

3. Set Up An Extravagant Photo Shoot

Let’s face it: while a lot of us go to music festivals for, well, the music, a lot of influencers and Instagrammers out there go mostly for the aesthetics. Here’s a couple tips to create the right ambiance for your backyard party.

Decorate! Color coordinate according to a theme: pretty pastels, deep sunsets, or neon raves. Whatever colors you choose, keep it consistent for the best aesthetic. Mixing boho festival outfits with rustic cottage decor doesn’t fit quite as well as if you put up huge, avant-garde art displays to wear your hippie music festival clothes with.

Learn a thing or two about photography. Even the least artistically-oriented person out there can learn some basics to complement their boho festival outfits. Read our photography tips here.

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