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5 Reasons Forest Green and Wine Red Make a Perfect Boho Holiday


Do you have red and green outfits in your closet? If not, then you better get to it. There’s still plenty of time to build up your holiday wardrobe. Emmer is all about taking chances with your style choices. To execute a flawless boho holiday, we’re all about the combination of red and green clothes. The combo isn’t only for the Christmas tree. If you’re willing to be a risk-taker when it comes to fashion, then you can show off your chic style by daring to wear deep green with dark wine red.

Jewel Tones Bring the Drama

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Why should you wear red and green outfits this holiday season? Well, first of all, why not? After all, red and green are a killer Christmas combo. All of the decorations you see have variations of the popular color palette.

More importantly, however, wine red and hunter green fall into the spectrum of jewel tones, and bejeweled colors are made for winter. The backdrop of white snow and grey skies practically begs for a dramatic color to liven up the world a little bit. You have the chance to do that – as long as you’re daring enough to wear these sophisticated shades of red and green together, of course.

Get creative with your combo. Think about wearing a dramatic wine red top with green trousers or a cute skirt in just the right hue. You can even mix and match your jewelry to get the desired, bejeweled effect.

Green and Red Are Stylishly Seasonal

We briefly touched on the seasonality of red and green clothes, but it deserves a deeper look. Consider the popularity of plaid in the wintertime. The pattern is practically ubiquitous during the holiday season. That means that you can even look for articles of clothing that incorporate both colors. A festive plaid top is perfect. Red and green plaid bottoms are even better. You’ll look so smart and chic that you’ll be the envy of everyone you pass on the snowy sidewalks. Better still, one glimpse of you will inspire good cheer.

You Can Brighten Up the Season

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You know how we mentioned the winter background of snow and cloudy skies? As lovely as winter can be, it can also get a bit dreary. The world dresses itself in shades of grey and white. In a stunning red and green outfit, you can bring back some brightness.

Transforming yourself into a flash of color is a wonderful way to prevent the winter blues, which can show up during the holidays, too. Stepping out in a statement-making outfit composed of red and green is sure to make a splash. Consider wearing a lovely red and green plaid dress, for example, or show off your cheeky side with red and green accessories. You can mix the colors any way you wish. No matter what, you’re sure to be the brightest spot beneath the winter sky.

The Color Combo Is Flattering

Red and green outfits are flattering, full stop. Dark hunter green is nearly as slimming as navy blue. Wine red tends to warm up the complexion and make the eyes pop. Combining the two allows you to enjoy all of those benefits.

If you’re not used to wearing this color combination, then it’s high time to experiment. Slip into a pair of dark red leggings. Add a deep green top, such as a turtleneck sweater or a fitted button-down. You can be subtle if you like. Perhaps the red will come from a stylish coat or a carefully chosen scarf. Try pairing it with emerald earrings or green suede booties. Be inventive this holiday season. We’re confident that all of your fashion risks will pay off for you.

You Get to Wear Eye-Catching Outfits

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One of the best reasons to wear red and green clothes this season is that you get to be the center of attention. Although red and green are popular for holiday decorations, not everyone is bold enough to wear the combo. You are, though. Jump at the opportunity to wear shades that you might not normally wear. Piece together unexpected items to create a cohesive yet festive look. We love the idea of wearing a hunter green scarf with a wine red dress. Red and black plaid slacks or a skirt can pair beautifully with a dark green blouse, too.

Why not experiment with a few red and green outfits this holiday season? You know Emmer will never steer you wrong. Check out our seasonal selections and prepare to debut a new look for the winter.

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