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Summer Neutrals: How to Rock This Muted Color Palette


Wrap Yourself in Earth-Toned Clothing

You might think of muted colors as boring and dull, but in reality, they can be magical. At Emmer & Oat, we love muted tones for summer, and we can teach you how to explore this style. Discover how you can create a unique palette when you wrap yourself in earth-toned clothing. Read on to learn more about soft summer neutrals and how to incorporate them into your summer wardrobe.

What Are Soft, Muted Colors?

Artists and designers achieve muted coloring by adding black, white, or complementary colors to a specific base color. The new mixture results in a desaturated hue that looks softer and grayer than its more vivid base tone. 

Soft summer neutrals and earth-toned clothing are muted colors that follow in the footsteps of many celebrated designers like Armani and Burberry. They imbue summer clothing with a subtle luxury and richness that transform demure styles into elegant, sophisticated designs.

How to Find Muted Colors

When you start shopping for muted tones, don’t set your heart on a specific color. Fashion and trends change, so you might not find the exact shades you’re looking for. Instead, focus on color palettes that allow you to build a muted wardrobe over time. If you’re specifically hunting for summer neutrals, look for taupe, stone, tan, sage, gold, and rust.

Earth-toned clothing is especially great for summer. Check out our favorite muted shades below!

  • Rust & Terracotta – Reminiscent of western clay-colored rock, rust and terracotta shades give off an earthy vibe. Pair these clothing pieces with shades of white for a summer-inspired look.
  • Gold & Mustard – Usually known for being fall colors, gold and mustard are making their way into summer styles. Look for light pieces that can be incorporated throughout your wardrobe, like tanks or shorts. Pair these tones with light wash jeans or other neutral-colored pieces.
  • Taupe & Tan – Warm tones, such as taupe and tan, will set off your summery glow in the best way. Opt for a lightweight hoodie to wear on breezy evenings, or pick up a few layering pieces to sprinkle throughout your summer wardrobe.
  • Sage & Olive – We are green with envy over light sage and olive tones, making their way into the summer color lineup. Slip on a vintage green dress for running errands or a date night. Or, opt for a lightweight olive green tank with distressed jean shorts for an effortless beach outfit or for heading out with friends.

Don’t Be Mislead!

Muted color tones can be a little confusing. Many people assume that muted tones refer only to neutrals, but you can find muted colors across the whole spectrum — they’re just the softest version of that specific color! When dressing in muted tones, you should never feel like you need to eliminate a color, just find it in the most flattering shade. Then, balance it out with complementary colors or go for a monochromatic look. Some of our favorite shades for balancing earth-toned clothing include rose, peach, light blue, and burgundy.

Muted Colors at Emmer & Oat

At Emmer & Oat, we love keeping our collections classic with a little bit of edge. We choose color palettes and styles based on what will stay evergreen in your wardrobe. Our collections are full of muted tones that you can match to your summery skin tone and to your existing wardrobe for any season! Start shopping now to find the perfect pieces to add to your collection!

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