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Vacation Ideas for a Low-Key Getaway


Finding a way to vacation safely this year can be really tough. So much turmoil and fear have made people wary of spending time around each other. If you’re still feeling a little concerned about your health but you really need a vacation, Emmer & Oat has some great secluded 2021 vacation ideas for you. Check out our top low-key vacation spots and some fun fashion looks to go with them!

1. Road Trips

A road trip is the perfect 2021 vacation idea! Pick a long stretch of highway and customize how long you want to be away to plan your trip. Select some points of interest, and your route is practically already planned! You can hitch a camper to the back of your car and sleep wherever you stop or book campsites and hotel rooms along your journey. 

Make sure your road trip clothing is comfortable and weather-appropriate. You might be starting in the heat of California, but you may end up in the chilly mountains of Colorado! Plan ahead and pack shorts and tees for the heat as well as a few extra layers for cooler weather.

2. Camping

view from the tent

While getting outdoors is pretty popular right now, it’s easier to social distance during a camping trip than anywhere else. Everyone has their own designated spots, and once a campsite is full, nobody else can crowd in. Enjoy time hiking, swimming, and exploring nature in state and national parks. Avoid the crowds by hitting up lesser-known low-key vacation spots like Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota or Pinnacles National Park in California.

For this 2021 vacation idea, you’ll probably need a lot more activewear — especially if you plan on hiking. Shorts, leggings, and loose tops are going to be your main go-to’s. If you’re camping in the desert, you may want to pack some sweaters and hoodies to help you stay warm when the temperatures drop!

3. Cabin in the Woods

Looking for a little more luxury for your 2021 vacation ideas? If you don’t want to rough it, but you still prefer to stay out of big cities, a cabin in the woods is the ideal vacation spot. There are tons of forests all over the United States, and many of them are just a short drive away from a city where you can grab a drink, restock your supplies, or do a bit of sightseeing.

Explore massive two-story cabins with a hot tub on the balcony, or opt for a single-room cabin that’s cozy enough for two. Choose a place based on your vibe and pack accordingly. Ready to hit the bars? Then you need a few dresses and some jewelry. Prefer to avoid the crowds? Lounge around your cabin in leisurewear and watch movies all day long!

Ready to take your 2021 vacation idea on the road? Let us know where you go in the comments!

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