About Us

Nice to meet y’all!

Let us introduce ourselves! We’re Emmer – a veteran family-owned brand located right in the heart of North Carolina (home of the world’s best zoo, if we do say so ourselves!). We sell everything from richer chick graphic tees to bohemian inspired maxi skirts, but we also love to sit down and chat with all of our emmer girls – and thus Champagne Dr. was born! We decided to create this blog as a way to communicate with all of our girls worldwide, sharing all of our beauty tips, upcoming trends, and just having little powwows every now and then, because let’s face it – powwows are a necessity in life.

What does Champagne Dr. mean?

If you’ve ever shopped with us, you’re probably thinking “Champagne Dr.” looks a little familiar, and you’re right! Champagne Dr. is our first warehouse address and the setting of several milestones of Emmer, so we thought it’s only right to shoutout our little space that we love oh so much! So many ups & downs have hit us at Champagne Dr. and it’s where all of our customers orders ship out from everyday and it will forever be a part of the journey we’re all on here!

Who is Emmer?

Since we’re a smaller family-owned brand, it’s super important to us to create bonds both with our customers and with the family we’ve developed in-house here! As of right now there’s four of us: Liz, Marcus, Caitlyn, and Vicky – and we’re all truly a little family! We want all of our girls to feel like they’re a part of our little girl gang here, so Champagne Dr. is our way of connecting with all of you. We have Emmer girls spread out all over the world, all with the same love of people and fashion that we have, so we hope you all enjoy our little girl haven here!